Machine learning is used to provide a sophisticated Artificial Intelligent Search Engine platform to automatically predict and deliver the most relevant content across our network of Telcos. Unique, insightful user data is collected with the intent of providing extended monetization opportunities.


IaaS based technology is used to power our Search & Content Delivery platform, allowing Telcos to customize their users experience with features such as: voice assistant integration, UI styling, web & ad blocking, site integrations, native language, geo-based search, intent content and many more.

We have the ability to provide targeted solutions to publishers who have large mobile user base, such as.

Customized mobile search and browser solutions

Desktop search and browser solutions

Optimised content for mobile

Data management platform solutions

Mobile and desktop click fraud solutions

Mobile and desktop Voice search products

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Cloud-based & large scale search and web delivery that's able to easily integrate into existing services & applications using API, SDK or a custom implementation process.

Data & Analytics

Gain access to data & analytics that are beneficial for Telco's and OEM's to build smarter applications, services & provide more monetization streams.

Support & Help

We don’t just build our solutions but we also offer in-house support and maintenance for our clients. Our solutions can also be licensed by OEM’s. Contact us to find out more

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